RootSecure Reach

Internal Vulnerability Scanning (iVA) and
External Vulnerability Scanning (eVA)

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Main features

With Reach iVA, you can understand your cyber security posture and risk profile, make informed decisions and meet your compliance needs.

Never miss a moment with continuous risk scanning and proactive risk monitoring provided by Reach iVA. iVA continuously scans your network(s), cataloging your core infrastructure, equipment/peripherals, workstations, Internet of Things (IoT) and personal (i.e., BYOD) devices – anything IP-connected – and looking for vulnerabilities resulting from misconfigurations, outdated software, and other risk vectors.

All information collected through these continuous scans are analyze and implemented into your personalize Risk Score based off of the NIST Standard Framework. Similarly, all detected risks are provided with a Risk Score you ensure your time is only focused on your highest risk items.

Continuous Risk Scanning

Ongoing scans, rather than occasional ones, avoid risky delays in security awareness by keeping constant watch utilizing multiple scanning engines and internal/external scanning.

Proactive Risk Monitoring

Information provided by Reach is constantly analyzed in the RootSecure Cloud with threat analysis, anomaly detection and machine learning algorithms that proactively alert you to new risks.

Asset Identification and Classification

Automatic and continuous mapping, profiling and classification of your network assets builds a comprehensive inventory to enable risk assessment, action prioritization and anomaly detection.

Log Consumption and Monitoring

Collect and analyze device logs; for instance, firewall logs let you monitor inbound and outbound connections to detect unauthorized access and understand attack traffic your firewall is successfully discarding.

Automatic Updates and Deployment Flexibility

Software and vulnerability feeds update automatically, for zero- maintenance management. The on premise sensor is quickly and easily deployed out-of-band as either a physical appliance or virtual machine.

Stateless Scanning and Secure Transfer

To maximize security, scanning results are not stored locally. They are securely reported to the RootSecure Cloud and then removed from the local sensors.

Main features

Put Your Network to the Test
With Reach eVA, you can understand your company's digital footprint

With Reach eVA you can understand exactly how bad actors view your network. By understanding the dark web's perception of your digital footprint, your IT/Secuirt teams can make the necessary adjustments to protect your organization.

External Vulnerability Assessment

Dynamically detect and automatically scan your digital footprint. Allows you to know exactly what hackers see.

Web Server Scan

Put your website to the test with in-depth application scanning.

Automatic Sub-Domain Detection

Know how your domain is being used with automatic sub-domain scanning.

Darkweb Scan

3rd party APIs into the darkweb identify what hackers know about your external IPs and domains.

Continuous Scanning

Get the RootSecure advantage with continuous scanning so you never miss new risks in your network.