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RootSecure Scout

Device Risk, Revealed

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Main features

Predicting Risks,
To let you take proactive intervention.

Scout Agent

On-device software agent that continuously monitors logs, system, and user activity to identify risk and build up a baseline of audit data that can be used in anomaly detection and machine learning-enabled predictive algorithms.

Proactive Risk Monitoring

Information provided by Scout is constantly analyzed in the RootSecure Cloud with threat analysis, anomaly detection, and machine learning algorithms that proactively alert you to new risks; risks are assigned a score based on the industry standard CVSS (Common Vulnerability Scoring System)

Information Audit Reporting

Reports audit information to the RootSecure Cloud to establish system baselines, which are subsequently used for anomaly detection, and to power machine learning risk prediction algorithms.

About Scout

With Scout, you gain authoritative, firsthand knowledge of exactly what is happening on your devices.

A host-based agent monitors hardware and software, system logs, peripheral activity, visible wireless networks, privilege escalations, file modification history – and much more – to reveal risks that can only be detected through careful on-device observation. All information is securely transferred to the RootSecure Cloud for analysis, where you can explore the findings in your RootSecure Dashboard. To let you take informed action, Scout makes sense of all this information by assigning risk levels based on the industry standard CVSS (Common Vulnerability Scoring System), covering everything from audit information (i.e., no risk) and low importance error messages, to extremely suspicious user behaviour and severe attacks that require immediate intervention.

Over time, Scout helps to predict emerging risks by applying machine learning algorithms to contextual audit information that is linked to observed threats. These predictive algorithms call attention to device and behavioural characteristics that are strong threat indicators, so you can take proactive action before the risk fully appears.

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