RootSecure Webinar:
Understanding, Evaluating, and Improving your Cyber Risk Posture

Date: Tuesday, August 28th, 10am
Presented by: Ian Hassard, VP of Product and Marketing


In an information age where companies assets are not fully measured in dollars; but also by the information we know about our customers, we find ourselves more vulnerable than ever before.  With black markets that exchange information like stocks, ransomware that can drive a business to bankruptcy, and government regulations that can impose huge fines for failing to increase cyber defences; it's never been more important to understand your Cyber Risk posture, learn how to measure it, and take action to improve your posture.

In this webinar, we will explain what Cyber Risk is, what can be done to evaluate and measure it in your organization, and most importantly how to take steps to improve your Cyber Risk posture and defend yourself against tomorrows growing threats.

Webinar topics include, Cyber Risk concept, Cyber Risk KPIs,  NIST Cybersecurity framework,  Vulnerability assessment, End-point monitoring, and Social Engineering Simulation.  

Hosted By:

Ian Hassard
VP of Product and Marketing

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