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"Cloud Security for a Virtual Age"

Join our guest speaker Don Bowman, founder of Agilicus as he speaks about cloud and virtual security. This webinar will address the growing challenges and will help you better understand the need for security in those hard to reach places.

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Past Webinars

Understanding, Evaluating and Improving your Cyber Risk Posture.

Original Broadcast Date: September 24th, 2018

It is no question that technology is becoming more embedded in our lives. From Nest thermostats to ANOVA Sous Vide cookers, D-Link Security Cameras to Fitbit WiFi enabled scales. Internet of Things technology is invading our homes, offices, and everywhere in-between; and we are sacrificing our security willingly for he promise of conveniences, comfort, and fun. IoT technology has huge potential, but also requires us to learn about growing risks surrounding the IoT and cybersecurity space.

In this webinar we will talk about the Internet of Things, some history, where it's going, and the emerging threats coming from the technology. We will also discuss best practises, network monitoring and isolation techniques.

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